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My CVs

Living a double life is enriching and well... a lot of work. That's why I made two CVs, to make my experiences and professional life easier for you to understand. Please click on each photo below to download my CVs.

My Story

Hi, I'm Leilani Franco and I am an artist based in Germany. I was raised all over the world to a filipina mother and British father, I took lessons since age 3 in gymnastics, jazz, tap, tae kwon do, piano, ice skating, rhythmic gymnastics, clarinet, horseback riding, and my main love, ballet.

At the age of 16, I was already a professional ballet dancer in the Philippines, whilst also attending university. I then saw a Cirque du Soleil video (Quidam) which changed my life... I knew I had to do just that, and luckily I auditioned and got into the National Circus School of Canada, where I studied contortion for 3 years. In the summers, I studied at the National Circus School of China in Beijing. 


I then became a professional contortionist, twisting my way around the world, and even going so far as to claim Guinness World Records and earn a spot as a Semifinalist on Britain's Got Talent.

Inspired by my time on TV sets, I embraced a dual role, performing at The Box Soho by night and pursuing film studies by day at the University of Westminster London, where I earned a BA 2:1 Honors in film and media. Subsequently, I produced, co-wrote, co-directed, and contributed to various film, opera, and stage productions across Europe, even securing accolades at independent film festivals for my debut short film.

Embarking on a new chapter in the vibrant city of Hamburg, I completed a Master's of Science in Advanced Marketing Management and Creative Technology. Fueled by a passion for art and technology, I founded and served as the Metaverse Movement Director at Digital Circus. Here, I delved into groundbreaking research on mind-blowing motion capture solutions for live performances. I did some fun gaming projects for companies like Roblox, and loved to just be part of the gang at the VRHQ Hamburg.

Throughout my journey, I've crossed paths with brilliant minds bursting with ideas. This inspired me to transition into freelancing as a branding and marketing creative strategist, collaborating with individuals and startups. I branded and co-created a chili sauce company Papapeno, served as a curator for a pop-up art gallery ARTSTADT, and am on the marketing and pr team for Garbicz Festival.

I live a full life of artistic projects and collaborations, always chasing my curiosity, and always excited to discover something new in this world. Follow me on my adventures!

I thrive on exploring the world and filling it with more beauty and laughter.

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